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About the Practitioner

Kelly LaCroix, Certified/Licensed in:  Myomassology, Level 3 Kinesio Taping Methods, IMAP Body Assessment and Analysis, Level 3 Lokte Method/Renew Movement, as well as Personal Training which includes Fascial Stretching, Pilates, TRX and Barre.  She is the owner and senior certified therapist for Body Dynamics, LLC. 

Kelly is a 2005 graduate from Irene's Myomassology Institute and continues her education in therapeutic areas, such as:  Myofascial Release Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Kinesio Taping for injuries, support and rehabilitation, workshops for shoulder dysfunctions, sciatic nerve pain, lower back strain, chronic migraine pain, and nutritional needs.  She is in a continual learning process to better assist her clients in relieving pain and stress.  She is currently working on her certification as a IIN Nutritional Health Coach to be completed June 2019. 

Her experience also lies within the athletic arena and has provided her with a vast knowledge base of stretching techniques, as well as understanding the stress loads on the body during athletic training.  

Prior to her education at Irene's, she graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 1988 with a Bachelor's Degree in Business - Marketing. After working for ten years in the industry, she decided to leave Corporate America and transfer her love of age-group and high school coaching to a higher level and entered the collegiate realm.  She has been the Head Diving Coach for Wayne State University since 1993, where she is fortunate to be working with talented, elite athletes.  Being on-site at WSU has enabled her to assist a diverse group of athletes who are in need of her specialties in Orthopedic Bodywork, Sports Massage and Kinesio Taping Methods for their injuries and/or to assist in their rehabilitation.

"Helping people, whatever the venue, is a privilege and joy.  To be able to assist another in reducing their pain, stress and concerns going on in their own life and body is a opportunity for me to give back through the gift of touch." - KSL

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